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If you are looking for some additional help, you can even send me your performance video for my professional critique and pointers for when you play!

Also available at Flute Forward are a collection of my compositions and recordings available for purchase. Be sure to stop back every week and check out my blog where I will be posting general musical "tips" for the flutist. I look forward to a great journey together. And for those that have already started your journey with me, welcome back and let’s get Flute Forward!

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Journies Sep-22

Before I Go

Jumping across the ocean holds special thrills and expectations. This will be the first time I have soloed with an orchestra overseas and the first time I have had the honor to record in the famed Henry Wood Hall.  I still can’t believe that I have that honor along with soloing at the historic downtown […]

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Margaret Cornils Luke
Critique Sep-02

Fight the Great Fight!

Little did I know I would be scrutinized.  Social media and the internet lead to some unusual communication to say the least.  Anyone, anywhere can place down a few words (derogatory or not) and press the “send” button and be done with it.  Not having to pay the penalty.  This happened to me this week.  […]

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Margaret Cornils Luke
Journies Aug-18

CD/Book Project

You know, I have never been great at writing but sometimes something or someone comes into your life expectantly or unexpectantly, and you have no other option than to tell others and share the incredible news. That is why I write today. May 2015 was a busy month. I had just performed my seventh solo […]

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Margaret Cornils Luke
Journies Jul-23

Always Discovering!

I have not posted to my website for awhile, and I knew I needed to say something about my recent discovery concerning posture and attempts to improve it while trying to play the flute.  It never amazes me….I certainly don’t know everything there is to know about the flute and all the things that surround […]

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Margaret Cornils Luke
Journies May-13

Invisible into Visible!

Welcome to Flute Forward and my very first official Blog post! Some of these posts will be about the flute/music specifically.  Some posts will be about something more personal. This Blog happens to fit the latter category. In this Internet world, there is competition for everything.  Your time, your money and your talent. I am […]

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Margaret Cornils Luke
Perform Feb-10

Fluting Around

Fluting Around with Margaret Cornils Luke & Brent Michael Davids

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Margaret Cornils Luke
Margaret Cornils Luke
Industry Feb-10

We got a Shout-Out!

We got a shout-out from our good friends over at Doodlebug Music Studio.

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Margaret Cornils Luke
Margaret Cornils Luke


Margaret Cornils Luke is an active performer as well as a recorded and published composer.

Many people ask me about how they experience my work. Here are some simple ways! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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